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Driveway Camping Frequently Asked Questions

What is CamperMate?

Since 2011, CamperMate has been NZ's #1 camping app.

Not only do we provide information to over 35 thousand tourists every day in NZ, we also generate business for hundreds of campgrounds, taverns, wineries and just about every other type of unique camping experience you can imagine.

We are now opening a category specifically for Driveways and are calling for Driveway owners to list their unique space, free of charge*!

Who can become a Driveway host?

It could be you!

All you need is a private flat area for a motorhome to safely park overnight and an internet connection to view and manage your bookings.

Each Driveway Host will also have to comply with general Health and Safety and District Plan requirements, which will be different for every Driveway and District.

*How much does it cost to list my Driveway?

There is no joining fee as such; however we’ll charge 20% commission for each booking received via a CamperMate app - this is to cover our merchant, booking and credit card fees. We will then deposit 80% of the revenue directly into your account each Tuesday.

How long does it take to list my Driveway?

The process is very straightforward and inserting your details won’t take 5 minutes. The listing will be live within 2 business days of receiving complete information on your Driveway.

Once your Driveway goes live, you will be able to manage your own information from a dedicated account. We are more than happy to help you get the content right, so do not hesitate to contact us for assistance!

Is it safe to provide my personal details on CamperMate registration page?

CamperMate website uses a secure connection, which ensures the security of data provided to us during registration. It is therefore safe to provide your details via the registration link.

How to make my Driveway listing attractive to Guests?

In our experience, users won't book the Driveway, unless there is a detailed description of the Driveway, a list of available facilities and a word of introduction from the Hosts. Photos are worth more than a thousand words, so make sure to include them as well!

Manage Guests’ expectations by telling them what they will find once they arrive at your address and don’t leave anything open to interpretation. Also, provide clear instructions on how to find your Driveway and where to park for the night.

Am I expected to engage with guests?

Campers love meeting their hosts, however engaging with tourists is not obligatory. A friendly hello is usually enough to make your Guests feel welcome; however this experience can be as ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ as you wish! The description of the Driveway is a great place to tell your potential guests what level of hospitality they can expect (and so is the ‘Welcome Message’ to your arriving Guests).

What is a ‘Welcome Message’?

Once a user books your Driveway, they will be sent a confirmation email including your details, directions and a welcome message – this is where you can greet your Guests, thank them for choosing your Driveway and wish them a nice stay.

If you’d like to meet you Guests in person, you can ask them to stop by your house upon arrival so that you can have a chat, a cup of tea and a quick briefing on any potential H&S requirements around your property.

If you prefer to leave your Guests to their own devices, a welcome message is the perfect place to leave instructions. Tell your Guests how to proceed upon arrival, where to park, share your Wifi password (if available) and advise them of any H&S requirements you might have set out for your Driveway.

Do I need to provide any amenities?

The choice is yours!

If you restrict your Driveway to CSC (certified self-contained) vehicles only, you won’t be expected to provide anything more than a safe place for a motorhome to park overnight. If you welcome NSC (non self-contained) vehicles to your Driveway as well, you will need to provide a 24/7 toilet access as a minimum requirement.

The availability of any extra amenities (e.g. potable water, shower, toilet, power or WiFi) will undoubtedly increase the value and popularity of your site and can be reflected in your nightly rate.

What should a nightly rate for my Driveway be?

You can decide your own nightly rate per vehicle*; however, it is important to be competitive. Our suggestion for a basic parking space with no amenities is $10-15 per vehicle.

A higher price can be justified by the availability of extra facilities, high level of privacy, stunning views, homemade snack, a cuppa on arrival etc.

How will I get paid?

We will transfer the money directly into your nominated NZ bank account on a weekly basis. This is why we ask for your account number during the registration process.

Is it safe to provide my bank account number?

We were advised by ANZ NZ that giving your account number to an individual or company doesn't pose a threat to you or your banking, as long as you do not provide your password / PIN.

We will only ever ask you for an account number alone and we won’t require any additional information on your banking arrangements.

If you remain unsure, please contact your bank directly to verify this information.

Is the number of vehicles I can host at any one time restricted?

In order to comply with the Camping Ground Regulations 1985, we are only able to facilitate a booking for a single vehicle per night.

A single campervan or tent provided for accommodation on private property at a nightly rate is not classified as freedom camping or a camping ground under this camping legislation. Depending on the district plan and circumstances, however, a resource consent may be required.

How long can a vehicle stay on my property?

The length of Guests’ stay is not formally restricted and therefore, it’s up to you to specify the maximum number of nights that a user can book for.

Tourists are usually moving around on a nightly basis, however every once in a while they may want to slow down, enjoy a sleep in and a full day of rest!

What if Guests want to extend their stay?

If Guests enjoyed your Driveway and want to extend their stay, please instruct them to book any additional nights via the app. This is subject to the availability of your Driveway, as per your booking calendar.

Can I change details of my Driveway?

Once your submission is approved, you’ll be able to log into your dedicated account. From within your account page, not only will you be able to amend the description of the Driveway and upload photos, but you’ll also be able to manage your feedback, booking calendar and revenue.

Can I make my Driveway temporarily unavailable?

There will be occasions when your Driveway is temporarily unavailable. You might have friends and family staying over or you might be going on a holiday of your own!

Our booking calendar allows you to block out an odd night here and there - just log into your account, go into ‘My Driveway’ tab, select a date and disable bookings for the night! If you’re away for an extended period of time you might prefer to contact us directly - let us know how long you are away for and we will temporarily disable your Driveway at our end.

How can I communicate with my Guests?

For peace of mind, we will provide Driveway owners with Guests’ registration plate, phone number and email address. With tourists dropping in and out of reception, however, it’s always advisable to provide them with all the necessary directions and information within the ‘Welcome Message’ – they will have all the information necessary for a successful check in at their fingertips!

Will I receive feedback on my Driveway?

Each Driveway listing has a comment section visible to all app users. Once your Guests stay the night at your Driveway, they will be able to share their experience with others. What’s more, you will also have the opportunity to reply to feedback from within your account page (‘My Comments’ tab). Nothing attracts more tourists than glowing references from likeminded travellers!

Can I cancel a booking?

We provided reasonable measures to minimise the cancellations at Hosts’ end by introducing a booking calendar and only allowing bookings for 4 days in advance. Nonetheless, you can still cancel a booking with 72hrs notice.

If you cancel a booking, you are responsible for notifying the user by email and processing their refund. Refunds can be processed from your account page under ‘My Revenue’ tab.

Can a user cancel a booking?

Users are advised that bookings are non-refundable and can’t be amended. However, the system will support cancellations for 48hrs from the moment of booking, should you decide to waive a fee. You can review it on individual basis, as cancellation circumstances will vary.

Is it a problem if my property is on an unsealed road?

Being parked on a gravel or earth road isn’t a problem as such; however this information needs to be explicitly stated in the description of your Driveway. Many of our users travel in high end rental vehicles and travelling on an unsealed road might be in breach of the rental T&Cs.

What if I’m outside of cell coverage?

Being outside of the phone reception zone isn’t really a problem - it might actually sound appealing to some of your potential Guests! Even though there is an appropriate ‘facility icon’ for that, make sure to reiterate this fact in the description of the Driveway. This will allow Guests to make an informed decision on staying on your Driveway. Also, provide clear instructions on how to find you, as your communication with Guests will be limited the moment they arrive in a no coverage


I have another question, how can I reach you?

Feel free to email and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.